The Deshroses Residence is located where mountains meet the sea, at about 150 yards from the beach of Fort Royal, bordered with coconut palms, 5 minutes on foot away from the turquoise and warm endless sea. With clear weather, you will see Montserrat’s island and his active volcano.

Deshaies is certainly one of the most beautiful village in Guadeloupe: it spreads on 12 km of beaches and creeks. The borough kept is authenticity with its Caribbean-styled houses. You will find many small restaurants, the “lolos” where you will be able to discover the local cooking and its unique flavours. You may as well go shopping as you will find many small shops, selling their production or catches.

Deshroses Residence is not far from most beautiful famous sites of Guadeloupe:

The Botanical Garden occupies the site of Coluche’s house (a former famous French comic). It is now a 5ha park gathering mostly plants and flowers of the Caribbean area. Don’t miss the restaurant over the waterfall and thus, the Caribbean Sea.

There are 2 diving clubs in Deshaies if you want to discover the sea bed of the Côte sous le Vent.

The National park of Guadeloupe and its 300 km hiking trails in the middle of the extraordinary tropical rainforest, and the Fall of Carbet which reaches 110 meters.

Les Saintes: famous for the beauty of Terre de haut and the beach of Pompière, fatherland of many iguanas.

Right before the landing stage for les Saintes: the Engraved Rocks park, where one finds signs of the first inhabitants of the island: the Arawaks Amerindians.